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        Indramat Repair, Indramat DDS drive, service exchange
        Indramat Repair, Indramat DDS drive, service exchange
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        Pennine Automation Spares
        Brookwoods Industrial Estate
        Holywell Green Halifax
        West Yorkshire
        HX4 9BH England UK

        Com Reg No 6913788
        VAT No GB 973599456
        Tel:+44 (0) 1422 370109
        email:click here
        Indramat DDS Drive, Indramat Repair and Exchange

        indramat dds drive, indramat repair

        Indramat DDS drives we have in stock and can offer Indramat repair services on all these indramat DDS servo drives all in stock as of 03/02/15 if out of stock we can offer full repair and test services on all these indramat dds drive stock Now includes DDS02.1-W200-D. See how we test indramat dds drives

        Indramat's DDS / MDD digital intelligent AC servo drives deliver the increased power and precision needed by competitive production machinery, such as machine tools, robots, material handling and assembly systems, packaging and converting machines.

        User-configurable DDS digital servo drive modules and MDD maintenance-free servomotors (with internal digital servo feedback) form an optimized system of distributed motion control intelligence.


        DDS031W030DDDS031-W030-DDDS DRIVE
        DDS3.1-W030-DDDS31W030DDDS031-W030-DDDS SERVO
        DDS02.1-W050-DDDS021W050DDDS021-W050-DDDS DRIVE
        DDS2.1-W050-DDDS021W050DDDS21-W050-DDDS SERVO
        DDS03.1-W050-DDDS031W050DDDS031-W050-DDDS SERVO
        DDS3.1-W050-DDDS31W050DDDS31-W050-DDDS SERVO
        DDS02.1-W100-DDDS021W100DDDS021-W100-DDDD SERVO
        DDS2.1-W100-DDDS021W100DDDS021-W100-DINDRAMAT AMP
        DDS02.1-W150-DDDS021W150DDDS2.1-W150-DINDRAMAT DDS
        DDS02.1-W200-DDDS021W200DDDS2.1-W200-DINDRAMAT AMP
        DDS02.1-W025-DDDS021W025DDDS21-W025-DINDRAMAT DDS

        Main card types are DRP110907853B1302 DRP210908523B2902 DRP210908523B2904 DRP210908523B2906 DRP410909233B3803 DRP1 109-0785-3B13-02 DRP2 109-0852-3B29-02 DRP2 109-0852-3B29-04 DRP2 109-0852-3B29-06 DRP4 109-0923-3B38-03 Interface cards DSS13 DAA11

        Indramat servo drive index - Indramat Spares - Fanuc Drive - Indramat DKC drives

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